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Omair Mirza Delivers Trance Excellence - By EDMIDENTITY

Move over trance A-listers! Because someone is coming to claim his spot among the trance elite. And his name is Omair Mirza! Wonderful things have been brewing for Omair as the buzz grows surrounding his gorgeous remix of Markus Schulz‘ “Destiny” featuring Delacey and impressive original track titled “Perfect Imperfection” featuring vocals by Avari. Both tracks are served up with a release on the much-loved Coldharbour Recordings. Now, with new music popping up more frequently as the season gets under way, I encourage you to pay close attention to these new releases and fall in love with Omair’s musical artistry.

Omair Mirza feat. Avari - Perfect Imperfection [Official Music Video] -  By EDMSAUCE

When people think of cities to find Trance artists, Dallas and Minneapolis usually aren’t the first places that come to mind. However, Omair Mirza alongside Avari are here to change that with their track “Perfect Imperfection”. Omair Mirza brings in the almost nostalgic feeling chords, then dives straight into a hand-raising melody. Pair that with Avari’s vocals, which casts a beautiful and unwinding spell upon your soul, and you have an instant sensation. So amazing, that this track was recently supported by the one and only Markus Schulz in both his GDJB podcast and his Ultra ASOT set! A perfect Imperfection indeed.

The Love Of Music Project -

In case you haven't figured it out, Trance music (which really never left) is on fire right now. There is something about the intricate melodies infused with drops and beats that satisfy your senses. Thus, with the previous great track by Omair Mirza, he has done it again.

Omair Mirza Releases “Suri” & “Eleven 11”  - By EDMIDENTITY

Attention all you “Perfect Imperfection” fans!! Omair Mirza, one of the trance family’s most beloved producers is back with more stunning trance beats! And I am not just talking about his new track “Suri” that he released to the world last month. I am also talking about a brand new track set for release next week called, “Eleven 11” which saw Omair Mirza partner up with Danilo Ercole, another trance heavy hitter with the talent and drive to produce trance fire! With their release the trance scene just got a whole lot better!

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